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As the plans for the "super mosque" next to the Olympic Park were recently rejected, maybe they could take over the stadium.

A few minarets dotted around the edges and the Call to Prayer could become the welcoming sound that greets visitors as they arrive at Stratford International.

"This ain't no Picnic any more, it's a Fudge." Brilliant. That said, Philadelphia isn't so bad in cheesecake. Trust me on this one... (

I won't be buying tickets anyway. What annoys me is that the olympics will overshadow the Diamond Jubilee...

Only accepting Visa. I'm surprised the competition laws even allow that.

I thought the Boleyn Ground was in Upton Park rather than East Ham. Also, I'm not sure that West Ham actually own the ground itself, but lease the land from the Catholic Church (my old school was closed, and the land used by West Ham for their new stand).

Yes, it's a sad day for Britain when we can't even hold on to a 150 year old chocolate producer.

Ship building ,car production, now confectionary.

Is this the twilight of the creme egg?

If the stadium was designed to be temporary anyway, why do they care about keeping the track?
Also sounds very short-sighted to stick the loos etc outside the perimeter!

Agree with Chaz that Philly can produce a decent cheesecake. Mine uses sour cream on top (but don't use Chavco's sour cream-it's too thin). I can send you the recipe if you like....

Oh, and kudos on getting into Brewer's Dictionary of London Phrase & Fable, dg.

And let's reply...

Richard: The Queen's Golden jubilee is scheduled for major celebration in June, while the Olympics don't start until the end of July. Hopefully not too much overshadowing there.

Jon: At the Olympic Park you'll be allowed to use either Visa or cash. So it says here (thanks for the Link, Chris)

Brendan: West Ham's ground is (just) inside the old London metropolitan borough of East Ham.

Cornish Cockney: London 2012 pledged that an athletics legacy would remain at the stadium after the Games. That's a great promise, but it restricts what can be done.

So West Ham are in East Ham, QPR aren't in Queens Park, Chelsea are in Fulham not Chelsea, Millwall aren't in Millwall, Wimbledon are in Milton Keynes and Arsenal are so far north they've got frostbite. It's a funny old game.

So, tell me how has Cadbury suddenly changed from a "trusted British brand". It's still a very trusted name in chocolate around these parts. Those vibrant purple packages on the shelves of my local Spar have not morphed into star-spangled banner ridden wrappers overnight.

Isn't it a great pity that a Bourneville institution has sadly fallen prey to "faceless Illinois investors"? It's a crying shame that we'll no longer see those oh-so-familiar uk-based Cadbury owners down the local Co-op, handing out their confectionery delights with a cheeky wink and a smile for the kids. The very same friendly owners that in 2007 demerged their business into a UK based confectionery arm and "Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc". How very British! Hands off my Dr Pepper ;)

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