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this all seems terribly familiar ... ;)

I always thought it was a shame that Londonist abandoned their series after two rivers, so I shall look forward to this getting the DG treatment. Reviewing the Fleet was (and still is) excellent.

Oranges and lemons remains my favourite. I was looking up the rhyme when I found this blog and have been checking in ever since. But I am looking forward to the rivers too!

looking forward to meeting the rest of london's rivers.just wondering when london had it's major flooding & what is the probability of the lost rivers joining the thames in one great 'cleansing'?

Goldfish in the Tyburn:

Can't wait to read this series DG. I loved your exploration of the Fleet and was hoping to walk the Westbourne myself this year. I can't decide now whether to do it and write about it or to wait for you to do it better!

Oh excellent! I shall be following this with interest!

I must say after all these years of your blog I'm just in awe at how much you still find to explore and how varied it is.
Every year there is always something new and refreshing, which is what I love about your blog.
One day you ought to publish!

This sounds like it's going to be a fascinating series of posts. I look forward to reading them. :-)

Doesn't a river go through a aquaduct at Sloane Square tube?

It was the Fleet that brought me first to your blog several years ago now .The detail of your posts and your ability to convey your enthusiam for exploring London keeps me coming back. I agree with Cornish Cockney - come on, DG, when we will get the definitive guide to London?
Look forward to the new series

This is a subject which has fascinated me but for years but I have never really pursued it - partly because there only seem to be two decent books on the subject.

I am not sure if I am relieved or disappointed to find so many people interested in it.

Looking forward learning more.

And Simon G, it is the Westbourne that flows through a trough visible above the platforms at Sloane Square station although its other name (the Ranelagh Sewer) gives you some idea of the water quality at that location.

Excellent. Looking forward to this. I loved the River Fleet stuff and the detail described was fascinating. Looking forward to this new series.

Looking forward to finding out more about Neckinger - a couple of years ago I had to regularly visit offices in a street in Bermondsey called that - just 'Neckinger', not road or street or other descriptor, and that piqued my interest.

PoP - I assume that one of the books you refer to is Nicholas Baerton's "Lost Rivers of London". I have the 1962 original but I understand that it has been updated in recent years. A must-have-if-you-haven't-already.

Apologies - my comment was an inferior repeat of something DG had already told us. Memo to self - read the article properly next time...

It's oddly heartening to know I'm not the only person who enjoys spending hours wading over the details of these hidden waters. Your Fleet review is great reading, and inspired me to dig even more deeper myself, not literally, but literary. Certainly I'm going to get straight on now and catch up with your Westbourne writings thus far. :)

Excellent stuff!

Have you seen my work on the rivers of London Borough of Barnet?§ionid=4&id=13&Itemid=27

Its nowhere near as smart as your stuff, but I tries me best.


Amateur Psychogeographer

Ah Ha - found the link to Bartons Map - that will help!

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