please empty your brain below

I thought you might have posted this at 0 101, dg.
Why would it only be Men who liked railways ? ( though you are probably right )
I recall Low Moor near Bradford had a similar history of delayed openings, part explained by late discovery of uncharted disused mine workings.
This all seems very familiar 😀
I am sorry your post is being released so early in the day - I much preferred the 0700(ish) schedule. It is now so far back in my timeline that I am likely to miss it, which would be a shame🙁
It's cobblers cobbling (cf Monday).
Am looking forward to your 'Today Crossrail was supposed to be open' post later in the year
It's not just men ( and boys) who like railways.
John likes trains. Janet likes kittens.
Never looks good to be digging holes in newly laid tarmac, although it indicates that at least one of the services requires remedial action.
Good grief!! Will Kenilworth get a public holiday when it does finally open?
For a station that hasn't opened yet, it's getting a lot of visitors. Has it overtaken Barry Links yet?
>>This is Kenilworth station

How long does it take to build a station - well given this is Britain, years apparantly (with the build no doubt sub-sub-sub-contracted out to nmerous private companies)

God help us it takes years even to build a station and infrastructure...
The station's architecture, a nostalgic nondescript mish mash with naff railings. A sure sign of a nation looking backwards rather than forwards. Perhaps pretending that the last 53 years didn't happen.

Where is the stylish station architecture that screams of 2016/17/18 ?

Nowhere to be seen.
Now scheduled for 26th Feb.

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