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Ah. Another bus stop M...
No doubt this all happened very quickly so there was no time to plan for the change. Did they decide to do this over 2.5 years ago?
Goodness, I'm glad I don't need to navigate London by bus.
Why is the default position incompetence?, the whole one way system was closed from Saturday morning onwards - so all the road markings and signs could be done, so they had 24 hours to update the stops, bus passenger lives matter.

The 30 won't be changed until March because of another tree - although given the warm weather they'll probably be some bird nesting in it soon, so it'll be put off until autumn, the N2 and N74 also follow the old one way system - although the 2/N2 had a small revision at the northern end towards Marylebone.

I like the bit where it says about the road re-numbering that 'It does not mean that Gloucester Place is less important than Baker Street' because roads have feelings too.
I just happened to be here on three separate days in the last two weeks, a remarkable coincidence (travelling mainly by R2 from Victoria), and spent some time trying to work out final traffic allowable movements (I didn't go there for that purpose - I'm not that sad).

To cut my otherwise boring contribution short, DG has nailed it on the head by simply saying what is not possible and what TfL neglects to do. Having now read as much of the literature as I can stomach, nowhere does it state that as a regular road vehicle (i.e. not a bus) you cannot maintain a complete journey on the new two-way A43 in a northbound direction (Baker Street and Park Road).

Also I don't know why the DoT didn't classify Gloucester Place instead as the more appropriate A434 (a spare number according to an online encyclopaedia), and then for the majority of this road to be signposted as A434(A43) as takes place elsewhere where roads collide.

dg writes: Because Baker Street is the A41.
Will TfL ever change the buses to the zoo announcement on the Bakerloo from Regents Park (C2) to Baker Street (274)?
One wishes TfL would give you a job.
@B my thoughts exactly
Bus Stop S: no longer the penultimate stop on Route 2, and doesn't appear on the map, so does any route stop there now?

dg writes: A lot of coaches.

Is it the northbound stop on Gloucester Place, just before Marylebone Road and therefore still on Routes 2, 30 and 74?

dg writes: No.
Another crazy day, drink the night away and forget about everything .....
How does Bus Infrastructure manage to cock it up so well? The n/b Baker St and s/b Gloucester Place could have been installed, checked and hooded weeks ago ready for the big day, leaving only half the work remaining to cock up last weekend. Wonder if the stop M person also covers Westminster!
And what about Green Line and National Express services, I wonder. I cannot see any mention here.

dg writes: Coach routes are unchanged.
I'm not a conspiracy theorist by any means (though I know for a fact, because I read it online, that President Trump is a Martian) but isn't this Brussels deliberately confusing us by putting the wrong tiles on bus stops?

If we stick to our guns and do what 99% of the people of clearly voted for, after 29th March we'll be able to put our bus stops where we like with whatever tiles we want on them.

Take back control of Bus Stop M and every other bus stop in Britannia!
Thanks dg. So Bus Stop S is the first one after Marylebone Road, and the last one before that junction was probably Q which seems to be unused now.
.... and so to Tottenham Court Road/ Gower Street
I would think that a number of drivers will make errors due to following the instructions on their Sat. Nav's. that would have not been updated.
"Previously Gloucester Place had three lanes along most of its length, which probably encouraged some vehicles to drive faster than they should"

lets hope this does indeed pan out. as a pedestrian, i regularly have arguments with drivers breaking lights in this area - maybe i will have less in future if driving becomes a bit calmer !
Apologies DG and readers. That's what comes from trying to do research from a smartphone, and it was too early in the morning. Trying again.

The A41 (Baker Street and Park Road) is not contiguous for motor vehicles (other than buses) as DG points out - and TfL do not - why not TfL?

Therefore, Gloucester Place should be numbered A4380(A41) along most of its length, and on Baker Street, A41 added to the signposts (I have to presume that they exist?!) where northbound traffic can (and eventually must) turn left.

dg writes: None of the roadsigns are numbered, A41 or otherwise.
The A4380 number is anomalous anyway, as it lies entirely east of the A5 and would therefore have an A5xxx number if the usual zoning principles were observed. And as a Central London four-digit A-road, the second digit would normally be a "2". A5211 is the lowest available, but A5241 might have been more appropriate.

(The A41 is correctly numbered because part of it, between Elstree in north London and Cosford in Shropshire (most of it, in fact) lies west of the A5)
I knew you were going to say that.
The more these race track - er - slow moving carparks are abolished, the better. These streets were always a low point on my cycle journeys in the area. It always takes times for these things to bed down, but the chaos with the bus stops is pretty inexcusable. They haven't even done the easy thing yet - the spider map hasn't been updated. Nor has the excellent Open Street Map's transport layer - but that is quite a bit more excusable. I will be interested to see whether TFL or open source-land gets there first. I think I know where I would place my bet.

The one place where it appears to show correctly is

Good old Matthew Somerville.
In other de-gyratorisation news, the iBus system was quick to be updated with the new Whipps Cross Bus Stand stop (rather than Whipps Cross Roundabout), but there's still no spoken announcement for it.
Wow. Just wow.
I am going into town with my bike later to try again for the garden at 120 Fenchurch Street and do not know whether to go and look on my way back to Paddington or just keep away.
Keeping away seems like a good idea until motorists have the hang of it but....
on the subject of bus stop announcements ... the Design Museum stop on High Street Kensington went silent years ago (previously it was the Commonwealth Institute stop) ... but despite the new Museum opening over two years ago - it's never had an announcement recorded !
Well I went there about 1600 but as Baker Street was full of stationary vehicles going both north and south I decided against going up it to breath the exhaust fumes when there was a clearer cycle run along the back streets.
At least when it was one way the exhaust fumes were not so bad. Nice one TfL
@ Chris P - worth just saying that this was a Westminster City Council scheme, not a TfL one. The original proposals were watered down significantly after residents complained about the impact on their car journeys.

TfL failed to update their consultation results to reflect the later changes to bus services on and around Oxford Street. Therefore it's perhaps no great surprise that trying to find remotely accurate information about any of this was very difficult with a week to go. I tried and just ended up confused. The multi blob bus stop map materialised last Thursday - i.e. hours before the changes started to be implemented.

It is no surprise the whole thing is a mess. I also understand, via social media, that 2 people have been knocked down while trying to navigate the new arrangements. That's unforgiveable really.
Can any one tell me having walked from Marylebone main line station where I pick up the 274 to go to the zoo.
Went in January and it was a farce with no info on bus stops, what now?
D.G Thanks for the info I did not know about the changes

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