please empty your brain below

A good bit of detective work there. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of what remains of the river.

Being a north Londoner, I know virtually nothing about south London! Even had to look up whereabouts in 'The South' Streatham was! So I'm looking forward to the rest of your discoveries.

Peering at the Cosy Corner newsagents photo, I see there's a bowl of drinking water for passing dogs. Always a good sign of the service within.

As a one-time resident of Balham and living -as I now see from your map -over an underground river - I was very interested by today's post and will be back for tomorrow's , curious about the next part

Really interesting to read this post, since recently I walked the course of the Falcon Brook too. Between Tooting Graveney Common and Balham High Road I followed Streathbourne Road, believing Streathbourne was a former name for the brook. But then again, I was not observing the gradient of the land as this point.

Very interesting, I did not know about this river. My first marital home was in Wavertree Road, but I was only there a couple of months. I am surprised 'Cornish Cockney' had not heard of Streatham, I thought everyone knew of it's notoriety with Cynthia Payne and the sexual antics paid with Luncheon Vouchers. It's a very mixed area, and I believe does have a small 'red-light' area.

I've heard of Streatham, just couldn't locate it more specifically than 'south of the River'!!

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