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From how many bus routes can you see the Wembley Arch?
I remember going to Pinner Court as a child in the late 1950's, with my parents who were visiting friends. I thought it looked like a palace.
Those buses are so ugly.

The 183 is actually following its original routeing through Hendon, according to the LHRG books, when the 183 introduced in February 1927 it ran via The Burroughs, both the 83 and 183 were rerouted via Hendon Central in July, the 13 and 28 were extended to West Hendon via The Burroughs instead. The 83 was then rerouted back via The Burroughs in May 1932, replacing the 605 (Golders Green - West Hendon).
I seem to remember that the Northwick Park roundabout, which sits over the Metropolitan Line, was designed and paid for by London Transport. Am I right, and if so, what other road structures did LT supply?
I went past a bus driver waiting at his long stop speaking to someone on his phone. "It's a beautiful bus. The best I've had...." I haven't a clue about buses though so can't tell you which variety he may have been referring to.
A lovely travelogue. I think I like this DG voice best. And so much content, it could have been spread over several days. I spotted the stopped clock reference.

The 83 and 183 were on the edge of my field of bus-vision as a teen in 102 and 244 and 233 land. Many of the roads featured got used when navigating the family car to Ruislip. Good to know they're still there.
The 183 has definately been rerouted since the late 50's when we used to catch it at Hendon Central Station on to Kenton.
What's MWLB

dg writes: Men Who Like Buses
^ and what about WWLB?!

dg writes: They tend not to leap in and tell me how wrong I am.
Are these the buses that have the black stripe on the outside, outlining the stairs? I thought they were the new Routemasters when I first saw them, but they don't have the three doors.

Despite Kingsbury to Pinner being my neck of the wood, I've had no need to ride the 183, but I haven't been to Golders Green in years so perhaps I ought to. There are several local buses I have yet to ride from end to end.

There are usually inspectors with clipboards at Harrow Bust Station. It seems to be rather a hub for data collecting!
I thought "Harrow bust station" only existed in Benny Hill world!
Wait, wait, I’m certain that in 80s the 183 turned around at Northwood station. I travelled the length from Golders green at least once. So much has changed, Northwood no more? And What did we used to do before iPhones I wonder...
Having arrived at Pinner those of us baby boomers who drink a lot of coffee but don't eat much should head up towards Pinner station. Adjacent is Sainsburys with the rather too cosy Gents.
Not sure if you can buy coffee as I always bring a flask.

Great bus ride,done it a few times.

How about starting at route 1 and working up through the numbers?
@Adam D, as in DG's link, the 183 ran as far as Northwood until 1987.
surprised you didn't mention st Panteleimons as you went past ( as far as I am aware the only Greek orthodox temple in London's suburbs
Always loved the NW London combibation route harmony: 83/183, 13/113, 182/282, 186/286, and 1970s 158/258 & 112/212
...and the 182 and 186 were created from the 18 when it was cut back from Edgware to Sudbury.
@peewit: there's a Greek Orthodox church in Golders Green too.
"How about starting at route 1 and working up through the numbers? "
It's been done - and indeed they recently started a second lap

@Cornish Cockney
"Are these the buses that have the black stripe on the outside, outlining the stairs? .......but they don't have the three doors. "
There are two 2-door types which have those styling cues - the Wright SRM (son-of Routemaster) VHR class (usually seen on the 183) has styling very closely based on the three-door "Borismaster". The other type, found for example on the 26 and 78, is the Alexander Enviro400H City (HA class).

The link DG gave at the beginning of the article suggests the Scania OmniCity (SP class) is the usual fare on the 186, but his photo shows one of the newer VH class (Wright Ecilpse Gemini 3 - where do they get these names from?) with the distinctive very large unglazed pillars at the front corners of the top deck.

(well, you did ask............)

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