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Difficult to say for certain, but it looks like the route just creeps into Tower Hamlets for about 150m or so before they turn around and return to central London.

For most people overseas, "London" means Westminster. And maybe the City and Kensington. So LOCOG have now just gone ahead and reinforced that. It's sad.

And I agree... I don't think this has anything to do with logistics or anything like that. It's all down to what 'face' they want to show the world.

I remember watching on TV on 06-07-05 when London won the games, then a day later.
I fully expect this games to end in tears, whether from nature like a world wide pandemic, terrorist attack Mumbi style, or just terrible planning combined with the normal British weather.

This is the last straw. I have now lost all interest in the 2012 Olympics.

Sheesh - you say the revised route includes roads such as Cannon Street!?
Sounds like they'd better get working on it pretty damn quick, then.
a) parts of it are at best 'a work in progress' (in other words, an eyesore) and b) the road surface is like something from the third world.
Maybe they could put up hoardings to hide some of the uglier bits, like they reportedly did with Beijing.
Hmmm. They'll need a helluva lot of hoardings for that, then...

Spot on DG

You've made some very good points here and you obviously are well-researched. Why don't you send this directly to LOCOG and the Metro? I'd be interested to see what the fall out might be.....

Whilst i sarcastically posted the other day that it was pretty obvious why they didn't want the marathon going east - and i'm sorry but yes but that part of london is still incredibly ugly and depressing, and not the advert for london i'd want (even though i'm from there), my thinking has mellowed somewhat, and i to am annoyed at the inferences of this now.
The way they tricked a (poorer) part of society who has to put up with the whole olympic madness without allowing them to be involved in the games themselves is disgusting. All this talk of regeneration, is clearly crap, and the inference that they can use the east end for themselves but are embarassed of the people who will have to put up with it all... i find that incredibly wrong.
A great act of regeneration would have actually been to try and involve the community in something like this. Instead, it appears they have just used them in a political ploy to get the games, but in reality just tricked a community who gets tricked a lot.
Sorry DG, you were right the first time, these people should be ashamed of themselves.


As suggested above, it's time to stand up & be heard. Send this to Boris & LOCOG, but also the BBC London, LBC etc etc

I live on Commercial Road and am intendig to spent the Olympics abroad as I just won't be able to travel anywhere for weeks as the traffic density already means that putting a temporary 'Red Route' down it will simply shut it down. Haven't they learned anything from the recent Blackwall Tunnel closures?

As a Zone 2 North-West resident, could someone point to the internet uproar that happened when the cycling road race was changed from going through Hampstead to the sticks?

What a crock! These marathons start at sparrow fart; last only for a couple of hours and then it's all over. So where's the big traffic disruption in that? Seb has caved in to the ICOG and media mafia to provide a TV travel show. Pah!

Fuming on the Easts behalf from here too. So totally unfair. :(

I believe that the men's and woman's marathon are tradiationally held on consecutive Sundays during the games (with the men's marathon one of the very last events) precisely to avoid causing big traffic hold-ups. Does Seb intend to schedule the event on a different day?

As an Engineer with Team Stadium, I watched a colleague spend an awful long time on his pride and joy - the marathon route. There's a purpose built path that leads into the Olympic park, entering the stadium close by the 100m start and allowing for a final lap of the stadium before crossing the finish line. He's a little disappointed too! We'll have to change the spiel we give to 'stakeholders' who come to visit as well. Shame.
and shame that noone in the MSM seems to pick up that there were several central city loops in the original plan with the final branch off to the stadium.

I wonder if LOCOG have read this post yet.

Well said DG - and everyone else!

Please sign Tower Hamlets' petition to bring the marathon route back

I went to Berlin to watch the Worth Athletics Championships last year.

The Marathon both started and finished at the Brandenburg Gate which did make for a great show.

The major difference was though there were free grandstands for real fans which helped to create a great atmosphere. I somehow doubt this will happen during the olympics though it will be better than Beijing where Police seemed to keep people well back.

I personally agree the race should run through the East End given what had been promised before and what the organising people were trying to promote.

I am surprised they have not mentioned elf and safety as a reason.

Saw you just posted this on John Stark's page, so had a read.

Funny that's it's happening on the last Sunday, so no events happening in the stadium (although I guess therefore it'd be very boring for people just to turn up for that). I guess there may be other events happening that athletes need to head to. But still weird, they could have made other arrangements. Could have still taken in all those routes, but yes I agree they were probably just being risk-averse.

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