please empty your brain below

there's one down at Motspur Park, south of the station, east of the railway line

oh, and there's one down at Epsom too. follow the railway again up the Waterloo branch towards Stoneleigh, and there's two of them on the right hand side, one bigger than the other.

And another one at Bell Green, Lower Sydenham. However, with a retail park supposedly being expanded around it, I'm not 100% sure how much longer it has.

Beckton Gas Works next to Gallions Reach Shopping Centre

Theres one in Bromley too -

There's one by Sainsbury's by the canal in North Kensington

There used to be one on Hartford Street ,Stepney, near Ben Johnson Road, but I think it's gone (like most of the pubs in that area).

Are the ones still at Battersea (near the power station) including the iconic blue structure?. Apparently due to be pulled down sometime this year.
Sutton, behind the High St - sandwiched between Crown Road and Bushey Lane. Apparently these are due to disappear with redevelopment at some point

The gasholder at King's Cross has gone, and has been gone for about a year now. Seems a real pity when you imagine the brutalist concrete and glass mess that will inevitably replace it.

New Southgate and how could you miss the lovelies at Ladbroke Grove which I think are still working?

@ Ady, the kings cross ones have been dismantled and put in storage, will be put back as part of the new development there.

We still have a gas holder in New Barnet.

It also houses the New Barnet digital TV transmitter.

We also have one on Salter Road, Rotherhithe, currently supporting some mobile phone masts...

Don't forget Lea Bridge Gas works,Leyton. They were targeted by the Germans and hit!.

There's a Gasholder on Western Road in Mitcham - it's listed and Roman era graves where found on site apparantely.

There are also 2 at Wood Green, to the west of the shopping centre. They are due to be demolished for the Haringey Heartlands development, though there have been calls to preserve the larger one which is of the unusual lattice type.

There's the ones that you can see from the Galleon's reach retail park in Newham.

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