please empty your brain below

youve summed it up nicely , except you've made one teeny mistake ! I dont give a F*** (not a damn) - but I'll ascribe that to your generosity of spirit!)

I'm trying desperately not to give a shit, but am relentlessly being drawn into the fray.

Mostly by that startling bosoom, I must say.

If Derek doesn't win, there is no God.

Nope, never watched it, amost certainly never will.

With careful planning and a bit of luck I won't see any of it, even by accident. The fact that it gets shown at all is a chilling comment on British taste, let alone that it's so popular. Mind you, I think that about all TV soaps anyway.

I'm with Scary... the acres of heaving bosom are like pulling me in, moth to a flame and all that.

And is it just me or are most of the bunch all worth a slap? Apart from Roberto who seems to be the 'normal' one.

I usually watch it, but I've avoided it so far this year...

What is this 'Big Brother' you speak of?

Thanks for that pithy summary of the various dregs of humankind that have entered into the Big Brother house this time, in a desperate bid to gain any sort of F-list fame. It does save me from accidentally turning on C4 and getting sucked in.

The strange thing is that I remember the early series of BB, and how the contestants were at least vaguely normal. It was more like the 'reality TV' they were aiming at because you could sort of feel that you might meet these people in an average pub or on the bus or whatever. This lot . . . well, words fail me. Come BB7, I suspect that they're going to have to engineer genetic mutations to appear on the show, because normal human beings won't be suitable.

I only saw it for the first time last night, so haven't got used to them all yet. First impressions - Kemal and Science make a good double-act; Maxwell is a loud-mouthed prat who will hopefully be voted out first round; Mary and Makosi are both bonkers so could be very entertaining; nobody else really made any impression on me (except Sam, but that was for a whole other reason).

Heaving bosoms?

Nah - still not worth watching that drivel.

I am SO OVER Big Brother this year. Or at least, that's what I say every evening before I watch it (eyes glazed over, drool dripping down my face). Fortunately our digital reception is shite so we are not also forced to watch E4 too...

Am not watching BB. Am not watching BB. Am not watching BB. Am not watching BB. (Repeat until convinced).

Very rarely watch it, see a few snippets as the series progresses, as I channel hop at night.(that's normal telly, none of your digital modern rubbish! As for a satalite dish...don't even go there) The only reason I really have a gander is to know what everyone else is fucking rabbiting on about, & just to check out what about half the content of my morning tabloid is going on about! How people manage to watch the whole lot is beyond me...but then I probably watch over a hundred non league football matches every season, so each to his own I suppose!

I felt very dirty as I gawped in delighted amazement at such characters as Kemal, Mary, Derek, Makosi and Craig.

I can't help it, I love it. It's people, you see. I love watching people. And Channel 4 give me a giant human goldfish bowl as an early birthday present every year... I simply can't resist.

Clare OTM. Sorry, but I'm loving it.

I did a google for OTM, and came up with "On The Move" and "Other Than Mexicans".

I'm guessing you meant the former?

I was suffering from a severe case of CBFACBPMT yesterday, and spent the whole day roaming other people's comments boxes morosely.

It didn't make me feel better.

But I found some great new blogs to add to my supposedly-not-very-big blog addiction list.

OTM = On The Money.


In that case I retract my narcissistic self-justification post, and replace it with one in which I nod my head sagely.

Thoroughly enjoying it - it's no more bitchy or contrived than..oh - so many things...

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