please empty your brain below

Anyone outside of London is gonna hate him. Wide boy of the most obnoxious kind...

I am outside but don't hate him

Maybe a bit obnoxious but one of the more down to earth people in the house

Surprisingly good at portrait painting.

Surprisingly good at whipping up a tasty spag bol.

I see latent "New Man" tendencies here. How long till the "geezer" mask slips off entirely?

I lived with the wide boy in Faliraki when I went out there to work. If he's as much of a pain in the BB house as he was then he's bound to be out. I was driven to despair after a wk!

He has to go. Soon. With a meat cleaver between his shoulder blades. Maxwell is the worst kind of bloke and not even half as entertaining as the Victor/Jason double act of last year. Knowworrimean?

eee's given it a bit too much of the lemon for my liking.

Oh I really like Maxwell. So he likes a beer and the football. But he's probably the most genuine and is very sweet in his own kind of way. Loved the "tits out and everything" comment for Mary when she was leaving.

Maxwell is the winner of bb in my eyes. He provides all of the laughs and i just a really genuine guy. Im not from london but he is my favourite housemate of all time.

Good riddance you mockney tosspot/

He was attractive in a geezerish type of way. and his touchy feely way with Craig was sexy.

Now he's gone, i'm reduced to finding Craig attractive. its the man breasts thing.

I know maxwell very well since we met on a school holiday in the lake district when he was shy!!!

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