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I think we're sharing a planning book. I'm off to Rochester today to see Morris dancers and got this trip (Canterbury and walk to Whiststable) booked in for a few weeks time.

Now I know what to expect for both, cheers!

Thankyou for this.
I lived in Whitstable as a kid back in the late 60s and early 70s, so this brought back a lot of memories, including struggling through the woods, and the marshy bits, before the C&W Trust cleared the way. In those days there were still rusting bits of the winch mechanism in the pond.
I was living on Old Bridge Road in 1970 when they knocked down the old bridge, thus making the name of the road mysterious to newcomers. I still have a brick from it somewhere. What they said at the time was not that the bridge was too narrow, but that it was too low and - this still seems weird to me now - it had a kink in the middle, so visibility from either side was very limited. The demolition followed a series of stories in the Whitstable Times about old ladies being run over by "boy racers" there. But it was an impressive structure, and we all missed it when it was gone.

"They may have misjudged the strength of the tunnel, which promptly subsided and had to be filled in, but thousands of students ..."

I read this as 'by thousands of students', whoops.

Even worse my mental picture was of 'with thousands of students'.

I found this short clip of a train running on the line and emerging from the tunnel:

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