please empty your brain below

And I have waited patiently since yesterday for this??

Surely you're not lost for words DG!
Well, I just bought a book on the basis of a two line recommendation (and, to be fair, an interesting cover blurb). I hope you're getting a cut.
Looks like just the sort of day to be curled up snugly with a good book! :)
I also try to get any shopping as soon as early as possible. It can be quite a shock if for some reason I have to go in the afternoon and see queues of people, when you have got used to going early and virtually having the place to yourself.
I notice that the 2012 Viewing Gallery at Westfield has been demoted to just the Viewing Gallery. I am sure that the John Lewis gallery is a gods place to take photos of the "Winter" Olympics at the moment.
Please do report back when you've found out about the clockwork bees. It sounds fascinating.
Slippers on your 2013 Christmas list?
OMG, how wonderful. I've just twigged! Just placed my order for a copy. Well done fella, can't wait for it to arrive.
I certainly hope it's what Chris said and not another David Long.
Ah, I think I may have got the wrong end of the twig! Doh!
Chris - did you think DG is the author? :-)
I just remembered this blog post. The contemporaneous dual narrative style stuck in my mind for some reason. I'm also sorely tempted to read this book with the clockwork bees, which would make it the first novel I've read since secondary school days.

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