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Does the level crossing by Acton Central Overground station make nine?
No, that's a level crossing, not a public footpath level crossing.
I used Golf Links a couple of times, as the footpath is quite a handy connection between the London LOOP at Enfield Chase and Crews Hill (for onward walking in Herts) via a pleasant route across a golf course.

Foot crossings like Bourneview always feel more dangerous to me as that section of railway has a live rail, which is only a short distance from the crossing, whereas with non electrified crossings or ones with OHLE, it's just the danger from the trains.
Ah yes the joys of Riddlesdown and the lovely common and quarry. The footpath up from Godstone Road was certainly the steepest I’d ever climbed and I do recall that the footpath crossed the railway line at one point.

In fact I wonder if the footpath crossing the railway near Riddlesdown Quarry counts as it looks to be just maybe in London still?
Just spotted the n.b. it clearly isn’t in London after all! Still, it was a very steep footpath to climb to get to it!

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