please empty your brain below

It's back! 64 days of me being smug and superior and saying "oh-no-my-darlings-I-simply-do-not-watch-that-

(So, tell me, who's the fittest one?)

I have a horrible feeling that, like Big Brother 2, we're in for a year in which there isn't a fittest one.

DG, you just lost all respect...I mean, be a fan sure, but that's bordering on obsession.

*ahem* and I should know.

But seriously - could you watch it 24 hours a day & blog every movement (and motion) for me - there's a love


Can't do the 24 hours a day option, I'm afraid, because I can't get E4 on my telly. This is probably good news for me and my life over the next 9 weeks, if not for you.

I will not get obsessed.
I must not get obsessed.
When's Davina on next...?

I just can't wait for the lucky lottery-ticket winning blog who knows someone in the house - there's *bound* to be someone!

The closest I get is once going out with someone from the Orkneys (n. Orkadian) - they are an odd bunch up Cameron like a hawk!

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