please empty your brain below

I remember in 'Paperweight', his book of pieces written for the Telegraph, Stephen Fry says that every columnist is entitled to one column about how difficult it is to write the column. That was obviously yours, DG.

It's a good book, and, thinking about it, curiously like a blog. He'd make a good blogger, you know.

OK, you rumbled me, Jon.

However, the post was also about the power of a blogger's 'publish' button. Once you press 'publish', your thoughts are committed to the internet, Should a search engine picks up on them they may not be retractable either. There's a huge responsibility there not to publish something hugely irresponsible.

And yes, Stephen Fry would make an excellent blogger. I wish someone would suggest that to him. One day...

He was actually doing it way back before Blogging, he had a great little web site but it just fizzled out. I guess he tried it for a few months and was just too busy or something...

I agree. Here here.

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