please empty your brain below

In case you want to play, but find the idea of 4+ years of near-misses (while you are looking at number plates rather than the road) too daunting (or if, like me, you'd never remember the nubmer you were up to), just play the simpler version - start at "A" and try to get to "Y", remembering the letters that are always omitted (I, O, Z).

We were made to play it as kids on long journeys to keep us quiet (I'm sure we weren't the only ones!!).

That started a lifetime obsession (or over-interest at least) with number plates... Although, it has lessened to some extent now the new format have been issued. They are so much less interesting, and much harder to spot.

I once tried playing a version with house numbers. It took about half an hour.

[vows to give up weak lemon drink pronto] ~:

It took me about eight years to get from 1 to 999 with no cheating. I finished several years ago and even now I can't stop looking at car number plates.
I don't think the activity helps with road safety but it would be an excuse of sorts to explain why you hit the car in front...

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