please empty your brain below

*** applause ***

Very, very well conceived. I love the way you subtly shifted your tone as the series went on, and then subtly shifted it once again within the final piece itself. (You know we all thought it was going to be sex, don't you?)

Bloody perfect.

Breathtaking. Makes what we do seem like playschool.

Excellent. Yet again you've worked through something that looked like an off-the-cuff idea to show a deeper and cleverer agenda.

Finely written as well, but then I expect that from your stuff. You don't let it go soggy in the middle, which would have been ruinous.

Well done, that was an excellent read. Now I'm glad I put some money in the Christian Aid bucket at the tube station this morning. But I also think I may not have given enough.

Thank you.

Thanks everyone.

It's a bit scary starting off a 20-part blog feature and wondering if you'll be able to get to the end without running out of things to say. By the end it turned out I had far more to say than I initially expected, and plenty of time in which to write it too.

OK, I've got boredom out of my system now.
Back to playschool...

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