please empty your brain below

5:12 backwards is 21:5, which is today!
Nice one.
No balloons maybe, but train bloggers galore I imagine.
Hello from the first train!
No fuss, but it was mentioned on Radio 4 this morning, alongside the national rail timetable changing.
Imagine again, Frank.
But a few vloggers up front.

Also, because of late running engineering works it was possible to ride the first train through the tunnels in both directions, and be home by half nine with a cup of tea.
Sad to see that even you are now talking about "deep dives", a phrase once used only by overenthusiastic middle managers!
No wonder they didn't want to make a fuss. This morning my train was stuck at Stratford for ten minutes before the doors were opened.
Well, it was going to be 10tph off-peak on SRA-SNF section, but this does not seem to be happening at present. LR reckons it might come in a future timetable change.
SRA-SNF? Eh? What? Pardon? Sorry?

A quick Google suggests that SRA is the Solicitors Regulatory Authority, and SNF is a company that makes water purification chemicals.

What do either of these have to do with trains to Heathrow?

dg writes: try a longer Google
Apparently there was potentially going to be an event involving press on Wednesday then they realised that the TSSA strike which would have affected services was not a good look.

By the time the TSSA had withdrawn the strike, it was too late to relaunch the event.

Apparently one of the main parties involved in Crossrail was not invited originally so blushes were spared anyway.
Rightly congratulatory press release has now landed.

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