please empty your brain below

Description of partner is v. beautiful.

Your description of the experience of having children is all true, but none of it outweighs the sheer joy you get from watching a human being which you created and love intensely grow into a person you can be proud of.

It's funny how the people who think having kids is awful are those people who have never had them. It's a bit like me saying that Australia is an awful place, although I've never been.

Well I couldn't have put number 5 better myself.

For the record I have two delightful rugrats who I love immeasurably, life without whom, I can no longer imagine. But that description is alarmingly accurate. It also explains the now alien nature of number 4...

Crikey number 5, too.

Ah, compelling stuff. Carry on.

oooooooooo, partner description is excellent. bravo.

Alan - I hope my parents would agree with your comment. I suspect they'd also agree with some of my comment though...

And Gert and Dave - thanks. Can't say I wrote that particular description from experience, though.

Ooh you do paint a gloomy picture of children! Sure having a child (2.6 kilos in my case) means you make changes in your life but the degree to which is down to the individual. The baby stage is very short. I don't think I necessarily made any sacrifices - they can adapt as much as you can. Plenty of people use them as an excuse though. Your choice. Ultimately it's been the most rewarding experience of my life. I'm a parent and proud of it.

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