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Good luck at the meeting today or is it a job interview?
Is this giving us a clue in how to spot Diamond Geezer?

It could be a competition a bit like those ones they supposedly had at seaside resorts. The one that if you spotted the man from the local newspaper carrying a copy of the said paper you could claim £5. I say supposedly because I'm not sure if they ever did happen or it is a bit of an urban legend.

If you ever want a real leather brief case etc, try a visit to here
I stood very close to dg once. His photo on the blog of the Red Arrows flying over the Olympic stadium and Orbit at the opening of the Invicta games, taken from the Sewer Bank north of High Street, Stratford, was almost exactly the same as mine. I still do not know which one of the dozen or so people there he was, and do not recall seeing anyone carrying an old brief case.
The mystery man was Lobby Ludd. You had to have that day's copy of the News Chronicle with you and say "You are Lobby Ludd and I claim my £5."
In the 1950's £5 was a lot of money.
In the summer he went from one sea-side town to another and each day he gave a report on his adventures of the day before.
As and aside, the News Chronicle also had a regular (daily) I Spy (books) feature.
The News Chronicle was a left of centre newspaper, replaced by the (broad-sheet) Sun (later to become a tabloid).

my dad had one very similar, in about the same era, the basic design must have been fashionable. He called it his black bag, and on family holidays so valuable were the contents [passports, tickets, travellers cheques etc] that it went everywhere with us - like the nuclear football that follows the POTUS:
His certainly lasted 30 years - he probably still has it.
Likewise, I gather I crossed paths with our esteemed author somewhere in the Olympic Park (me being slightly more recognisable with a very large guide dog) and again on the Lower Lea Crossing when the Tour de France last came to town, yet wouldn't recognise him if he stood next to me and have no idea if he was carrying a briefcase.
This blog is written by a number of different people who write in a very similar style. I know because my partner writes for it! I am surprised nobody has realised this.

DG does exist,but he only writes about 1 in 10 posts.

The News Chronicle was taken over by the vile Daily Mail, NOT the Sun ..... I know because I bought the NC daily and was most affronted when the newsagent substituted the DM at the former's demise. Indeed, I switched instead to the Sun, which in turn WAS bought out by Murdoch and turned into the vile organ it remains today. Indeed, I seem to have a history of buying left of centre newspapers that fall over sideways. Now I use the internet!
^ So it a "con" then?
If you've read the excellent 'Brighton Rock', the opening chapter features a man visiting the titular seaside resort in a similar newspaper competition.
It's actually more like 20 people who contribute to this blog, but rest assured, I have creative control.
Oh DG, you've burst my bubble.
There I was thinking you were urban superman going hither and thither, writing blogs by candlelight gone midnight, and packing more into 24 hours than the rest of us achieve in a week (or a month)
I'm off to sob inconsolably into my cappuccino

So does that make the mystery count new briefcases?
I'm pretty certain DG is having us on here.
Or that 'diamond geezr' is not in fact the dg we know and love...
No. It's not DG. The comment about creative control (which may soon disappear) has the name Diamond Geezr (sic) at the end.
@Brian -- would probably have been the Daily Herald you switched to. That was relaunched as the (original) Sun and then sold to Murdoch in 1969
If anyone has any comments on today's post, they'd be very welcome.
@ Caz
I feel it too! Think the "cat out of the bag" springs to mind. It like that moment in a movie when you finally realise the truth!

Which brings me to make comment on today's post...there are certain items that become "the ever-present". Items which seem to have always been "there" this "throw-away" society they bring a comfort that some things can, given the chance, last a lifetime.
Some things - often given away, and often bags - do become personal talismans.

Until the zip went, we always used the same distinctive blue bag to keep passports, travel money, hotel booking confirmations, train and flight tickets in on our trekking holidays, so that those small but vital items wouldn't get lost in the depths of our rucksacks. It was once left in an Istanbul taxi. And on another occasion in a bothy in the Alps - its absence not noticed until we had negotiated two mountain passes (which we then had to return over to look for it)

Got it back both times. It had a charmed life.
I refuse to believe dg is team written. Even if it's true, I refuse to believe it.
I didn’t enjoy reading this post; it stirred up too many bad exam memories. My brain would seize up if presented with a photo of an everyday object and asked to write 1,000 words about it.
Someone out there must remember that particular griffin logo, surely? Agreed, it doesn't seem to be anywhere on the net.
It wasn't the International Industrial Relations Congress in Kyoto, Japan 28 - 31 March?

It seems there are a lot of International Industrial Congresses
DG, please go back to writing about bus stop M so that the comments make more sense.
Geezr - a social network for London bloggers. Or a social network for lads who banter. Wait long enough and one of them will come true.

dg writes: Geezr, the social network? Done that!

On topic, good bag. I struggle to find a bag that can carry my paperwork and my electronic accessories without being too bulky or hard to carry.
I always assumed it was the same person posting
Have you tried a Google image search on the bag or the logo?
By image search - I mean Google Goggles (if it still exists!)
Curse you DG, always one step ahead!
On the one occasion where I know I was in the same place as DG I can confirm the briefcase was NOT present so it's not a surefire way of spotting him.
@ Carly

Seems you not the only one. It does make one think what else is not as one assumes? What does "creative control" really mean? Are certain places/events being promoted? What is the "drive" behind the blog? Is it really a "personal" blog or more a platform for other writers. Questions and no answers

All bit Strange, this Fade to Grey
The logo is vaguely reminiscent of early British Rail examples (Lion wrapped around a wheel). I reckon the lion evolves to look more like a griffin later. I'll get my coat.
@dg If you're curious about the origin, the clue will be in the graphic within the circle/globe and possibly the griffin. I found something on Google, but I think your dad would have remembered if this congress involved a visit to Japan!
My dad also gave me a smart document case (unbranded) in the 80's, which I also found useful for hiding my newspaper. My choice of paper would've similarly affected employment prospects, because of the prevailing political mood of my (potential) employers.
Thanks for reminding me about my dad's thoughtfulness.
I also have a bag. From a certain aircraft maker in France. It's a bit bigger than a small case, in fact ideal for a weekend away. It also came with a bottle of something nice from France. The bottle was I'm afraid somewhat drunk around the 1970's. The bag is still going despite the efforts of Thompsons to destroy it on a flight from Malta. The logo is still visible !

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