please empty your brain below

This piece of London looks as it does now because of the LCC's redevelopment of the area (the Warwick estate) in the early 1960s. Before that there was a maze of poor quality late Victorian homes and a tiny patch of triangular green space known as 'Westbourne Square' (it wasn't square). Redevelopment gave much more open space but removed almost all previous buildings except for Street's St Mary Magdalene's Church (Grade I listed) and the Edward Wilson School.

If you want to know what the area looked like before 1960, the film 'The Blue Lamp' was set there. Orientate yourself by the footbridge which is a previous design in the same position.

That council housing in Spedan close looks interesting has anyone any idea of the internal layout and how they have stood the ravages of time?

Enjoying the Westbourne trail- photos and map as well as text Since following the Fleet - with your posts in hand - especially in the stretch after Kings Cross I have become more aware of London streets that seem to "flow" downhill and often wonder if there is river beneath. Your photo of Craven Road is like that - narrow and steep, you can imagine the torrent below

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