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the country with the highest population density in the world

really? i thought bangladesh had a higher density?

and, to be pedantic, i think monaco and the vatican have higher desnities. but, they don't count.

OK, now that I'm no longer sitting in an internet cafe in Amsterdam I can do a little more research.

The Netherlands in fact has the 12th highest population density in the world.

The Top 12 is as follows:
1 Macao 19382 per km²
2 Singapore 5569 per km²
3 Malta 1219 per km²
4 Bangladesh 939 per km²
5 Maldives 904 per km²
6 Bahrain 832 per km²
7 Barbados 602 per km²
8 Taiwan 595 per km²
9 Mauritius 544 per km²
10 San Marino 483 per km²
11 Korea, South 464 per km²
12 Netherlands 460 per km²

I'll go change the information on the blog...

I bet that London and the south east has a higher population density than the Netherlands. Beer - oh, Grolsch. The best Dutch beer comes from Limburg in the southeast, it's made with well-water. Heineken uses, I presume, tap-water which comes from the Rhine. That's what they drink in Amsterdam. Great blog, just what an expat needs.

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