please empty your brain below

If by "a couple of hours" you mean just that, then it's either Berlin (which has just finished boarding), though it could be Luxembourg which is just checking in. I really hope it's not Geneva which has been cancelled.

I do not believe that I have just checked the City Airport web site for departure information. It's not you, it's me who ought to get out more..

Bum, I was going to say Geneve

M√ľnich ?

wherever it is DG - have a good one

I'm sure you won't be stuck for cafe's there

No I give up. You're going to film a bit part in Murder She Wrote. Do I win?

Scaryduck, look carefully.
It's a Capital city.

A Most Scintillating Time Expected Regarding Diamond's Amsterdam Mini-Break.
See what I did there - most original...


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