please empty your brain below

at last - a puzzle I can do

Ormskirk??? we used to think that was a step up from where we came from!!!

So, when *can* we put an answer in here then?

Oo Oo [hand straining in the air] I've got it!

CHUCKIE EGG!!! How fantastic was that? Next you'll find an internet version of the Leather Goddesses of Phobos (?sp).


Answer to the puzzle?
Oh, go on then...


I got it too...eventually back there on the 26th...honest.

Chuckie Egg was a wonderful thing. But I don't understand how to download it. Maybe best left as a memory.

Chuckie egg.....what a damn fine game. Also guilty of downloading it and re-living my misspent youth...

And the answer is.........


lol i dint get d word a went thru everyfin n cud only cum up wit grinnner wel its sorta a word lol, seems so simple

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