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Now I understand why the requested battenburg post got confined to the comments box...bigger fish to fry

There's a UK version of small world (involving Richard Wiseman) currently underway (you'll like this one)

And, of course, your list is going to be out of date just as soon as I manage to get Blogger to allow me to make changes to my template without crashing the whole world. Ah, it'll be OK for a while then....

DG writes: still eagerly awaiting your post on battenburg

Of course, the main difference between DG() numbers and Kevin Bacon KB() numbers, is that KB numbers are based on a historic body of data which can only expand. Therefore while KB numbers may change over time, they can only ever reduce.

DG numbers depend on the current status of sidebars - and in particular, blogrolling sidebars change frequently. Thus it's possible for a DG number for an individual blog to increase or decrease over time.

DG writes: I'm determined to keep DG(1) at 20, but you're right, DG(2) can and will change... and quite probably already has since I posted this morning.

I think you ought to issue little GIFs so that we can publicise our status on our sidebars. Something like:

"I'm in the Diamond Geezer Second Division."

Is there an automatic promotion path or do we have to hope for the play-offs?

DG writes: I could make a little GIF I suppose, but the trouble is that the text could equally well say "I'm not on the Diamond Geezer sidebar", and that's not quite so catchy.


1) Of your 17 most-recommended DG2 blogs, all but one (whosbetterthan) have at one time or other been on my own blogroll (and 7 still are).

2) Of all the DG2 blogs that you have listed, there are only 2 which I have never read: barcablog and bluetealeaf.

3) However, of your 20 DG1 blogs, there were 3 which I had never (until now) taken a look at (volume 22, by a woman, meeester nik).

I think I read too many blogs.

DG writes: and I've read all but six of your TD(1) blogs.

It's one of two things: a brilliant new way of looking at the internet that'd I'd never thought of before, or a cheeky way of linking to other sites and getting them to investigate yours. Either way, I like it.

DG writes: I suspect it started out as the former and may have ended up as the latter. Anyway, glad you approve.

bloody genius or summat.
i guess i'm a comon or garden dg(3).
nice site anyway. i'll be back.

DG writes: I've checked my DG(2) list and no, sorry, you're not on it. Yet...

Wow, DG. I've pondered blog links before, but I never got into it with such scientific detail. (And thanks for using my humble blog as an example.)

Somewhere out there a graduate student has suddenly gotten an idea for his/her doctoral thesis.

DG writes: I could almost take some time off work and investigate it myself.

Inspired. But then, you always are. For the record, as well as being DG(2), I'm in real life Queen Mother(2) also. How about that for a coincidence?

DG writes: Impressive. Of course, the number of people who are QM(1) is now fixed, although the number who are QM(2) can still increase.
Oh, and QM(0)=0.

I'm a KB(4) and Wil Wheaton is my crucial link.

I don't know whether that's good or bad.

DG writes: Depends which episode of Star Trek TNG you were in...

Pretty interesting. And I'm pretty sure I'm DG(6)

DG writes: I suspect you're no more than DG(4), via londonmark I reckon.

That's the only way to find me through your links, but I checked and 6 was the best I got.

DG writes: Interesting that you're nearer to me than I am to you. I think this means that DG numbers are non-commutative.

Is it possible to comment on this without appearing to want to be raised above DG∞ ?

Excellent twist on the six degrees thing anyway. Well done sah!

DG writes: I like the idea of DG∞ - yet another twist on the concept.

Owww! All these (brackets) are doing my poor little DG(1), WYA(2), MN(3) head in. Great idea (by the way).

DG writes: There must be loads of these possible blog(number) functions out there. Thanks for making me IS(1).

I love the way you can comment on your comments!

DG writes: Edited by Siteowner

What's your DG number if you havn't got a blog?

Meee! He mentioned meee!
Sue, proud to be (2)

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