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Aye it's a tragedy about your phone. I got annoyed when mine got scuffed. You will get over it, really you will.
RE books and folded bits of paper...The worst thing that happened to one of mine was someone ripping off a corner of a page to write down a phone number. Needless to say I *never* allowed that person to borrow a book again.

I lent my very first London A-Z road atlas to a so-called friend at university. It was a magnificent book, pristine and uncorrupt, and it went out as far as Watford. He returned it ten minutes later with a cover that folded in places it wasn't supposed to fold. I wonder if he ever worked out why I never lent him anything paper-based ever again.

You mean, you never - never, ever? - buy the paperback or magazine that's lying at the top of the pile?

At long, long last, you've proved that it's Not Just Me. We are not alone.

They should start up a bookshop for People Like Us. Unfortunately it would go bust, because there'd be a sizeable proportion of the stock that nobody would ever buy.

I think it's called
[the words ass and smart come to mind i know - i'll get my coat]

I'm obsessive about my books, too. I'll never lend a hardback with the dust-jacket because I won't trust the person I lent it to not read the book without taking the jacket off and putting it in safe place. And, yes, I know such obsessiveness technically makes me insane.

My former manager twice asked me to tear a piece of paper out of my hardbacked spiral notebook. I tried to resist but he completely failed to understand how much that hurt.

I've heard this is the place to come if you wish to admit to a paper habit?

My sketch pads are sacred. Even I can't draw on the first few pages...

I'm noting all this down in my little file called "personality profiles of bloggers". It *will* come in useful

I was secretly very pleased when I dropped my bike (at 2mph in a car park) on the first day I got it. Very minor damage (a scrape mark) to the bottom corner of the engine, bent the brake lever, but at least it wasn't perfect any more, so anything that happended after would be OK.

I always buy pristine copies of books, magazines etc. They don't stay that way for long, mind, but as long as they start that way, it's fine. If a book is not pristine, most bookshops will give you 20-40\\% off just for asking. Just another Value Witch Tip

Oh, DG, if you have to get a new phone as a consequence, also get a packet of PDA screen protectors to cover over/protect the glass.

Try T-cut, it takes scratches out of car paintwork so it could cure the phone.

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