please empty your brain below

11/10 DG

PS Reckon Douglas will be along with something to say about Philip's Dukedom description later....

very funny. what happened to anne's first hubby ?


zed - I think he was boiled down for glue.
Douglas - Philip's Duke of Edinburgh, not Scotland


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland though.
(sighs again)

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland though.

Is it?

Yes it is.
Would you like me to delete that last comment

Evidently, Mark Phillips, Princess Anne's first husband, served a tour as an instructor at Sandhurst; the cadets referred to him as Fog: thick and wet.


Yes it is.
Would you like me to delete that last comment

No need. I just wasn't sure where Scotland was, let alone where its capital was. Had to look it up on a map

Oooh. Don't fight now, ladies.

Anyway, Phil's Greek. Which I understand means that he likes to insert his tongue into anuses.

martin, that wouldn't surprise me - everything that phil says is either very un-pc or very rude.

That would be "anuses horibilis" I take it...

I've seen a few of those.

Anyway, why didn't Justin get to be King after William?

Sorry Martin - I didn't have space to include the birth and death dates of Charles' grandchildren. However, let me assure you that Justin wasn't actually alive to take over the throne in 2027 following a shooting incident two years earlier, and the not-unrelated fact that the one crime in the UK that still carries the death penalty is treason.

I love Will's kids's names! HHAHAHA!

it was, but the EU noticed in 98, and pointed out that one of the conditions of being in the EU is not having the death penalty for anything. So the hanging laws got repealed. (the other hanging offences were arson in Her Majesty's Shipyard and something I've forgotten)

pedant! pedant!

Of course, you've assumed that we're still in the EU in 2027, or indeed that the EU still exists...

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