please empty your brain below

No creme eggs this year, but 10 easter eggs came into the household, shared between two men in their late 30's.

we must be gay.

whatever happened to tartan eggs?

I keep telling you... they're so much cheaper by the box from Costco....

I don't know about gay, Darren, but you must at least be happy.

This year (or should that be last year) I saw Creme eggs on sale on December 17th 2002 - I am not kidding you. At first I thought they were old ones from last year, but it turned out that it was the new batch, which I noticed due to the ever so slightly altered packaging

I cut my mouth open on a creme egg once. *Fact*

So now I play safe with Mini Eggs.

I like to lick the middle out.....
Which says FAR too much.

I'm afraid I really hate Creme Eggs. That stuff inside is like the pus from a gunshot wound. Sorry.

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