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I'm not surprised that you've singled out Sutton. When I moved to this Borough 12 years ago, the Council web site was a 'go to' place full of interesting information. Then it was ruined and stripped of all easy accessible information with navigation being a nightmare.

It now takes four clicks to pay your Council tax to get to the actual page through an iteration of previous 'home' screens. Pathetic.
Webpages only showing the first 10 items in a list is one of my bug bears. I don’t understand why and it’s always almost difficult to click onto the next 10 in the list.
Greenwich's whole site would be built upon the rule of showing only 10 per list. Sutton's unfriendly URL would also work if you remove everything from the '?' but it looks like whoever built their museums and libraries page linked the directory from a secondhand source and didn't have the knowledge to delete the craziness. Interesting stuff, DG!
"bloody stupid impractical jobsworth muppetry"
Pretty much applies to a lot that goes on in the Royal (sic) Borough of Greenwich.
It was “BSIJM” that drove me into early retirement.
It is all around us.
Best description I’ve seen, thank you DG.
The rule is that ALL local authority websites are hopeless.

I would suspect that this is because such websites are constructed on the cheap by not-very-good 'experts' paid at below the private sector going rate.

There's also the possibility that it's all secretly intended to discourage costs in a very cost-challenged sector.
Jayne: turns out it doesn't work if you delete everything from the "?" onwards, though I thought it would work too: doing that takes you to the Sutton Cultural Services homepage, and only with the full post-? junk do you get to the library list. (DG: that link seems to be mistargeted so that clicking on it doesn't go to the library page either.)
I believe there's a rule of website design that you should be able to access whatever you need from a website via no more than 7 mouse clicks. (That figure may be lower now).
The Sutton link in DG's post is missing &dt=list at the end.

The root of the website - is 'The Libraries Consortium online catalogue' and links to 18 boroughs' libraries. The domain belongs to SirsiDynix, 'The world leader in library technology', based in suburban Salt Lake City, claiming to service 23 000 libraries in 70 countries.

The Sutton link can be written as|||1|||1|||true&dt=list which is maybe slightly better, but as '|' is not strictly allowed in web addresses it is encoded as %7C - hence the version you see.
OK, the problem was that the Sutton URL didn't copy and paste properly (because of all the '|'s). I've had another go, and it should now work.

But sheesh, a libraries website that makes it hard for anyone to link to it, that's very poor.
When I can't find a library or a particular book, I search
Better? Good grief, what sort of a name for a company is that?
"Better" reminds me of the TV series W1A!

Greenwich's new leader of digital, tech and customer service says she can get the 12 libraries back on one page - "leave it with me!"
...and, one month later, Greenwich's library map is fixed :)

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