please empty your brain below

Wistful as a Wistful Wonderer
bugger - I wanted to see Maryas too...

and Marsyas which is better known than Mary's ass..

Blimey, if I'd known how bored you were you could have come and humped some aggregate and layed some foundations over at The Coven

We also had left-over jaffa cake trifle

Are these rhetorical or do you actually require answers? If so it may take some time.....

I don't have 5 7's in my mobile number but I do have 4. I also have 3 8's in it but no 1's 5's 6's or 9's

Is Douglas trying to get us to guess his mobile number?

I wonder how many combinations there would be. I also wonder how long it would take before someone got it right...
Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to put all that info in the public domain...

DG and Alan (Oddverse) should have the answer worked out by tonight Douglas.

I've got 4 7's too. FWIW. (Nothing)

Assuming Douglas's phone number starts 07...
there are more than ten thousand ways of arranging the remaining digits. Nothing to worry about then.

Note for pedants:
there are in fact 10080 possible rearrangements

I thought there would be a large number of combinations. Which is just as well because I was obviously not quite with it when I commented.

Tha Anish Kapoor work has gone??!!


I'll 3rd that Vaughan.

Bugger, too.

5 7s

My number used to be 0374 xxxxxx; then the Big Mumber changed it to 07774 xxxxxx. Two of the x's are 7s.

The Anish Kapoor rocked. (One of the joys of working 15 mins from Tate Modern...seeing as I can't surf Heat Magazine at lunchtime).

Yep, I know someone with 5 7's too. Most of them are in a row, which makes calling him a pain, as you usually manage to miscount.

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