please empty your brain below

This hurts my head on a holiday morning... Erm April Eighteenth, which is today? And September Twenty-Third, which I am sure is something but I'm not too sure what.

Well, once someone's got it.....

Did you work that out or did you read it somewhere? The university halls obviously provided heaps of free time....

I can't find any relevance for September Twentythird in the UK. I suppose it's your birthday?!

Yes, the first half of the puzzle happens to be today, as Nigel correctly spotted.
No, September twentythird isn't my birthday, it just happens to be the answer to the second half of the puzzle.
As for the actual date of my birthday, that was in the question

And let me assure you that diamond geezer puzzles tend not to be nicked from anywhere else, thanks.

Ah, glad you're back, DG. After four Geezer-less days I was getting withdrawal symptoms.

And I still can't figure out these puzzles of yours.

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