please empty your brain below

No Squeezy Pig! Don't test those wings!
Squeezy Pig got a bit pink, too...
Excellent. I didnlt know about the alteration to the flow of the Cuckmere. Is the ox bow still there?
Coincidence or what? We're down here in Eastbourne this weekend. Most probably you and Squeezy Pig walked past us on the promenade. So near and yet so far from meeting our heroic walkers.
The last time I did the walk (Eastbourne to Seaford) it nearly killed me!
I long to do it again, but not on one of the hottest days of the year!!
Puts the 2 London hills I did yesterday to shame!
I did the Seaford - Eastbourne walk on Easter Monday and then Glynde to Eastbourne on May Day Bank Holiday.

Both fantastic walks. Highly recommended.
Thanks for the lovely photos DG. There’s nowhere in England I love more. I’ve walked, cycled & kayaked there, eaten at the cafes at Exceat & Birling Gap, watched the kittiwakes at Seaford Head, overnighted in Eastbourne after a day of cycling up & down hills... Magic moments:)
Last time I did the Seven Sisters walk I started at Southease Station and walked the South Downs Way to the delightful village Alfriston, then on to Exeat for the Seven Sisters walk to Eastbourne.

My legs were like lumps of lead at the end and the next day but it was worth the pain!
I remember the snake river when I rode the 12 bus this time last year from Brighton to Eastbourne. The route is so scenic around Seven Sisters.
The last time I did it we walked almost 20 miles and got caught in the mystery cloud of gas/chemical/pollutants and felt very unwell indeed. One of the most memorable walks I've ever done.
After years of enjoying your reports on this walk, I’m finally galvanised to get out and do it. But...:

1) How do you do it on public transport? Is it train to Seaford, then bus to Exceat?

2) Would it be utter, utter madness to do it tomorrow in 30° sun?
Happy to hear you loved it.
1) I bought a return ticket to Eastbourne and caught a 12A (or 12X) bus from outside the station to 'Seven Sisters Visitor Centre'. Buses run every 10 minutes. The journey takes about 20 minutes. Current single fare, £3.10.

2) It's cooler on the coast. Monday's temperature is forecast to reach 26°, the same as on Saturday, which was quite bearable.
Does this mean your favourite meander is an even more geographical Ox-Bow lake?
It turns out the weather was quite bearable indeed yesterday, walking east to west, with the exception of the *ridiculously* steep slope up to the bomber memorial at Beachy Head (part of your usual route rather than the escarpment), which almost finished me off with a mini-bit of heatstroke. A rest, food and plenty of water in the The Beachy Head pub was enough to galvanise me to do the full walk as far as Exceat, thankfully, and the rest was much easier.

That said, as a reasonably fit 36-year-old, I'm amazed at all the sixty- and seventysomethings who seem to stride up and down all those hills seemingly without a care. It's properly strenuous (particularly when you're battling the fading light because of having set off later than planned. Whoops.)

The travel tips were handy, thanks! I was planning on getting the bus back to Eastbourne, but a Seaford-bound one turned up just as we were arriving at the bus stop, so we got the train from there instead. To which: isn't the station pub at Seaford adorable?
Delighted you enjoyed it!

The *ridiculously* steep slope up to Beachy Head isn't part of my normal route. I only went that way the first time, and now I walk slightly further inland :)
One of the best walks.

Funny you mentioned Chinese walkers. The Exceat area in particular is really popular with Chinese people - seemingly mainly students. I often wonder why. Proximity to Brighton's unis? Maybe it featured on a TV show?
How do you know someone is a student?

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