please empty your brain below

While the cat's away, what shall the mice play?

student union beer prices though

Didn't universities invent the internet?
Anyway - how about a comment party while Mr DG is in communicado?
First topic: 'The advantages of single beds.'

Oh come on. You are talking nearly twenty years ago.
Let's see what you say when you get back.Perhaps you've had an en-suite room,free morning paper delivered, all the phone and computer connections you want by your own personalised writing space, tv with hundreds of channels and a super a la carte menu in the themed restaurant. There may even be quiet people in the room next door.
We wait to hear.

In the experience of the university-age sons and daughters of people I know, you're right pop artist. Rooms are now often ensuite, there are usually PC/internet conenctions in them, and *things* are delivered. Maybe not morning papers though....

Sorry DG, can't feel too sorry for you, I keep telling you to get a PDA and sort your phone out so it will work with it

And, drD - bit of a comments party killer that topic, eh? Guess we all knew DG'd just delete any party topics on his return so didn't bother

• en-suite room - ish
• free morning paper delivered - no
• phone and computer connections - yes, but not available
• tv with hundreds of channels - nowhere
• super a la carte menu in the themed restaurant - themed yes; super definitely not
• quiet people in the room next door - yes, until their alarm went off at 6:30 every morning
• student union beer prices - oh yes
• strange musty smell in room - yes
• much like 20 years ago - yes

single bed?

single bed - very definitely

cuddly toy?

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