please empty your brain below

Wot> No Soft Cell?

Huh? No Sonic Youth?

Well, it has to be 1978 and 1979 doesn't it?

Soft Cell seem to have tried hard never to have a single out in April.
Sonic Youth seem to have tried hard never to have a hit single.

1979 - M's Pop Muzik was the first record I ever bought, along with Blondie's Sunday Girl and ...err.. Nice Legs Shame About the Face by The Monks. Well, two out of three ain't bad.

soft cell ?
That'd be the 12th of never

Scaryduck - I still have all of those in my collection. And I still like them all

Smash Hits was my pop bible from the first edition in 1978 until halfway through 1984 when I finally decided that purchasing it "ironically" was no longer doing it for me. The last issue I ever bought was probably around 1991/92 though...and a friend of mine didn't stop buying it until his 40th birthday, when he made a vow to stop.

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