please empty your brain below

You're such a geezer DG.

Who's Sandra? Has 'the geezer' given us a quick flash of his hand?

Why not settle for a Mars Bar and a wank? You can have both at the same time.

Neither of those go down well in Mayfair.

Shepherds Market? ... combination of all the above (minus the multiples and the Ritz)

On a completely unrelated subject:

I got this via Neil Gaiman (I know, I'm a bloody namedropper):

Not entirely unrelated, because you can just about see Mayfair (but admittedly not at lunchtime).

Impressive namedropping too, but maybe Neil got the link from my site on February 28th, or else from the site I nicked the link from...

Great overview; you beat me to it (I was considering listing lunch-places myself; with a top listing for my favourite; Benjy's)

Happy blogging!

I think Pret is heaven-on-a-stick! After years of crap sarnies with mystery meat and soggy lettuce, finally something consistently good!

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