please empty your brain below

Looking at your 25 percent feature, that would fit in almost exactly with the time NB linked to you. Coincidence or what? (No sign of it being reciprocated, by the looks of things, but that's not why we do it, eh?)

Now Peter, surely you can't have been drinking this early?

And DG, thanks for not telling the world about my little er misunderstanding about the Buffseeds. Your secrets are safe with me too

Now, let's see what we can spell-up to alter some of those percentages...

Oh dear me - I hope that didn't come over as "cross". I omitted the smiley. Here is is, instead

Peter - in the language of percentages, I can tell you that 1\\% of people who come to this site from another site come via your site

And BW (5\\%) - I shan't be mentioning your Buffseeds faux pas so long as you keep stumm about the flowerpot man

And, hey, I bet the 1\\% is me, cos I often click in from NB.

BTW, it wasn't Bill and/or Ben I was thinking about

How about a post on them?

Well, between the two of you, there's not much point in continuing, now is there? 1 percent. Losing my grip, bigtime.

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