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Does today's post contain the most links of any previous DG post?

dg writes: no.
Next year you’ll be able to catch the Superloop at Betstyle Circus (possibly!).
Wow, really? Eight pedestrian crossings? How about that. The residents there must have some clout.
I’ve lived less than a couple of miles away and driven round this many, many times but I had no idea what it was called.
66 - Betstyle Road isn't wholly residential. At one end is New Southgate telephone exchange, where I had an office for a couple of years in the 90s.
101: according to Open Street Map, it's Bestyle Circus.
Thank you for the gift of Bambos Charalambous, now on an endless loop through my simple, simple mind.
Thanks. I’d always thought that the roundabout was named after a betting company who’d sponsored it, so that’s me enlightened.
I used to live a couple of streets away, but knew none of this. Thank you.
There used to be a large AT&T facility where the industrial estate to the north is.
Thank you, this brought back memories of walking through there to the tube station for 13 years.

94) is intriguing!

95) Perhaps you saw some Michaelmas daisies too, where they could grow up next to street furniture.
During the time I lived nearby, the large AT&T facility was known as the Standard Telephones factory.
Malcolm - it was actually STC (Standard Telephone Cables) once a very large employer in the area.
Telephone factory fans should make a cuppa, sit down and read this.
78. The Wedding venue used to be a high end used car dealership.

74. The curved modern five story block is perhaps 20yrs old now? I remember it being built after what was there before.
Niche content doesn't get more niche than this!
When I finally ride the 251 end to end I will know where I am at this point!
94) - No change there, then.
Betterbee - almost certainly an error, from when the road was first mapped in OSM 10 years ago, rather than an alternative spelling. I will look into this and correct it.
The petrol station mapping needs more detail also, which I will add.
Betterbee and Mikey C: I have "been bold" and corrected what I agree was sure to have been a typo.
I too edited OSM before reading comments :)
A large number of OSM mappers read Diamond Geezer :-)
87 thanks for the tip, I love Caprice and they can be hard to find
38 and Gareth Southgate
56. I wouldn’t have put it like that. High Street is no longer involved with Betstyle Circus at all, though anciently it was.
it's my first time visiting this blog and the first post i see is the place i went to everyday to get my bus for school! how neat haha
If you edit OSM, please fix the spelling error: it says Bestlyle Circus.
I thought "I've never heard of Betstyle Circus" then I saw the first photo and thought "that looks awfully familiar". My Nana and Grandad lived for many years just around the corner and we stayed with them twice between house moves, for nearly a year in total, so I crossed the Circus twice a day on the way to and from St Pauls Primary School on Friern Barnet Way and many times on Saturdays to get the tube from Arnos Grove to the big shops in Wood Green. The post office or perhaps an adjacent sweet shop, was where I'd take my empty bottles of pop to get a few pennies back. Thanks for letting me reminiscence and letting me know what I'd missed back then.
Caroline: 38) Southgate tube was renamed Gareth Southgate temporarily, not New Southgate station.
Andy - thanks, ooops on me
Jpmac: you may enjoy it more with musical accompaniment.
The Great Northern Railway considered naming their new station Betstyle but settled for Colney Hatch instead.

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