please empty your brain below

Stuffing, if you'll pardon the expression?

I vote for the "hold off Until the New Year" version!!!

My diet belongs firmly in the Avoid column.

Does anybody in their right minds actually eat Jacobs Cheese Footballs? I havent seen once since about 1977.

I've mentioned resources for you to check before re cholesterol. Evidently, you didn't follow them up. Here's something easier for you to digest:

Basically the cholesterol story is BS

Honey glazed carrots have zero cholesterol. Unless the Buzzy Familiars ate double cream when I wasn't looking...

Depends what you roast them in ...

For zero cholesterol honey-glazed carrots, steam or boil lightly, then trickle in BW Special, turn carefully to cover, then place in oven for 5-10 minutes to brown up. Simple. I'd forgotten that some people cook any other way than healthily!

Oh dear, poor you. I'm sure you'll be fine if you relax the diet a little bit and compensate with lots of fruit & veg (you still get a satsuma in your Christmas stocking right?)

Well, if you don't want your marzipan, DG, I'm willing to provide a good home for it.Honestly, the things I do for the sake of Xmas...

On the bright side, surely once or twice a year counts as sometimes, so anything in the orange column is ok.

You won't live longer in the green column. It'll just feel that way

Don't forget the good cholesterol... walnuts. Nothing quite like ground walnuts in oatmeal, with bananas & raisin & strawberries.

Also ground walnuts in lowfat yogurt.

Surely roast potatoes and parsnips are all right cooked in vegetable oil. There's no cholesterol in vegetables, is there? You've been given a low fat diet, not a low cholesterol one. Likewise, what's wrong with good quality plain chocolate?

Mind you, it lost me at the first word in the 'avoid' column.

p.s. how many people do you know of that have died of high cholesterol?

All you peeps please watch the vid I referred to above and stop werriting over absolute rubbish.

Debster, I'm eating a bowl of cheese footballs (M&S version) as I write this, mmmmmm (but I did play an hour of squash earlier). DG Try some Opies pickled walnuts - top notch with turkey, hot or cold

Isn't it ironic how most of the foods that we might consider delicious and would rather fancy at Christmas are in the Avoid column? How would I get through Christmas without roast potatoes, pigs-in-blankets and fried parsnips?

Ah well, at least you can have the turkey...

Why is it that health web sites (including the one you listed Bina) are so tedious. We need to jolly the stuff up a bit, so well done DG, even if you made me miserable.

Me, I'm with one of the people who phoned into the Clive Bull show on LBC radio last night.

One of the topics of the show was about the 'Five-a-Day' diet (as it applies to eating kinds of fruit and veg) and how it was that the experts landed on five as the all-important number.

This particular caller thought it was about the optimum number of bars of chocolate to eat in a day.

Yup, I like his thinking

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