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4) Is there any progress on the replacement of the cafe at Island Gardens?
IIRC the park was called Saunders Ness way back in the 1950s/60s when I was a regular visitor with my grand-mother.
I love the teapot and cup. Brickie started strongly but quickly lost the plot. A fine, early example of ‘glitch art’ in brick.
What is this post if not "a full post of their own" (ie a post devoted solely to them)? A cunning pedant would have worded the introduction "none of which was interesting enough for a full post of its own".

Same goes for last Thursday.
MDCCCLXXXVIII is visible in Street View on the Public Library, 230 Dartmouth St, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

"227 Dartmouth St, Boston, MA, USA" takes you direct to the picture.

Hopefully there is one a little nearer you. Keep looking up.
3) Part of Finchley Road has 13, 113 and N113
4) Shame about the plastic drainpipe - or perhaps it's to catch the drips from the spout
3 - Peckham Rye & Forest Hill Road has the 63, 363, N63
3 - There are some stops with two routes and one digit, Marylebone Station with the 2/N2 and parts of South Bermondsey with the 1/N1 come to mind.
3) The 63/363/N63 bus stops continue for a while, up Peckham Hill St and Willowbrook Road
Drayton Green: E1 E11
Globe Road: 8 N8 D6
St Paul's Cray: B14 R1 R11
Kennington Station: 133 155 333 415 N133 N155
A nice eclectic mix today!
1) The Swedish Seamen's church in Rotherhithe closed around 10 years ago. There is always something forlorn about a closed down church.

The shell of the of the once brilliant Prince of Orange pub is right next door as well making for a pretty depressing patch of the Lower Road.
5) Delighted to see the Nature Study Museum featured and only wish it would be restored. If you are curious about what went on in there, historian Laura Newman has written about it in a freely accessible chapter in our recent book from UCL Press:
3) Back in the 1970s and early '80s, bus stops between Forest Hill and Sydenham were served by the 12, 12A and 122.

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