please empty your brain below

Interesting to see the touching of the artworks being encouraged.

Would catching Trustybus route 351 from St Margarets have made your trip a bit less sweaty?

dg writes: Not on a Sunday.
The cafe seems to be a favourite destination for Herts residents judging by the time I went there. I believe you can use the cafe without the entrance fee.
If pinhole head selfies are a thing, it would appear that that Squeezy Pig was being modest or taking a well earned day off.

It's certainly got my appetite up for a visit, thanks.
On your walk you could have walked through the remains of wartime RAF Sawbridgeworth aerodrome. If you did, was it interesting?

dg writes: I did not.
The walk looks quicker by footpaths than by road. Which did you choose?

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