please empty your brain below

Mine won't be going on at all, I don't feel the cold like everyone else
I'm sorta with Rachel, but I fear frozen pipes!
It would be interesting if you could overlay the two years, but your figures and my impression is not only that this was an unusually warm summer, but also that the warm weather has continued much later than usual. But I'm not sure you can read too much into just 2 years' figures in one location.
Great. Looking forward to your review of the years weather too :-)
I'm lucky as I live in an East London flat with a central boiler so is included in the annual service charges which the landlord pays and is unlimited
dg, try turning your boiler down to 55oC Heating flow temperature and it will be much more economical. I assume you have a combi as you live in a flat so it won't affect your hot water temperature.
I live in a 'cold' house. Nice in summer but the daytime temperature inside has already dropped below 17C several times even in this mild autumn!
I've been surprised to go out on dull days to find it's warmer outside than in!

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