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I recall that the churches were negotiating to fix the date of Easter and stop it wandering. I haven’t heard anything about this recently though.
A fascinating analysis.

Rather than moving around I think it would be better if Easter was nailed down to the same Sunday every year.
I would have thought that the complete cycle of Easter dates to use in the calculations is approximately 1990 years
Plus with Easter Eggs being in shops so far in advance it all adds up to why I never know when Easter is until the schools break up and I rush to look it up!!
I don’t think it’s the Churches that want to fix the date of Easter. We might want a common date between western and eastern (Orthodox) churches.
I think it’s our increasingly heathen governments that want to meddle in what’s none of their business. They wouldn’t dare try to fix Ramadan or Passover, so why interfere and try to fix Easter?

John M - because Easter involves national bank holidays, which the other religious festivals don't, giving the government a legitimate interest in that aspect at least.

A compromise of course would be to fix the bank holiday, and divorce it from the religious festival.

A fairly sensible compromise that is in use in some LEAs is to have the same two weeks down as Easter holidays each year (which would presumably be the central two weeks) and if the bank holidays fall outside this period, then the start of the summer holidays move right accordingly.
Have an average Easter, everyone!
Easter is the Sunday following the second Saturday in April, so tomorrow. See the Easter Act 1928.
Easter would have been the Sunday following... so tomorrow, if the Easter Act 1928 had ever been put in force. Fixed it for you.
I’ll bite… what’s with the colour coding?
...perhaps to indicate off-topic comments.
I use colour coding to identify tangential threads (e.g. when readers engage with the first comment rather than the post itself).
The slightly annoying thing about a late Easter is that, because of the two subsequent Bank Holiday Mondays in May, we end up with four Bank Holidays in fairly quick succession. This year, the addition of an extra day for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee means there will be no less than five Bank Holidays within a seven week period.
Just shared this post with my eldest daughter who was born on April 8th and was excited to read it. She reminded me that her 18th birthday fell on Easter Day.

The 5.7 million year cycle and the Apr 19 blip (with underlying reason) are amazing and interesting new facts for me. Thank you.
Yes, it's always been a mystery to me why Easter can't be fixed in the calendar (eg the second weekend in April).

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