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Does Bus Stop M have it's own Twitter account? I think it should - then we could all enjoy near real-time updates on it.
Did the noble dg help this stranded passenger?
I'm interested.

No! I love the bus stop saga, a tale to terrify the kids of east London for generations to come.
It is always good to hear this unless, as seems to be unlikely, TfL are reserving crap informaion just for Bow Road/stop M. TfL needs to give good information otherwise what's the point?
That is strange because the Traffic Order ( permit for the road closure on "10, 11 and 22 March only. No work on nights 12, 19 and 20th March".
There were definitely roadworks last night. A section of road near Bow Church station has been resurfaced, and the left-hand filter lane at Fairfield Road is now open to vehicles (but not yet cyclists).
There seems to be a chasm between the part of tfl who publish rail/tube engineering closure notices and those who produce (or usually don't produce) bus diversion information.
It's a real weak spot at tfl.
TfL's information machine are frequently out of date. The Metro this morning claims there will be no trains on boat race day at Barnes, Barnes Bridge or Chiswick but SWT - to their credit - have rejigged the engineering work timetable so that there will be - albeit only accessible from the out-of-London direction because the line through Wandsworth is closed for a bridge replacement.

Meanwhile, cyclists are now using the cycle lane on Blackfriars Bridge, albeit unofficially as it is not complete at either end yet.
TfL still haven't managed to get proper real time information out about buses when there is disruption, I wonder if there were on board announcements that the stop was closed, if not, you are relying on the driver to both know and remember that a stop is closed - especially as the closure starts part way through a shift.

A large part of North London was in more chaos than usual due to a combination of strategically placed temporary traffic lights for various roadworks - plus a collapsed sewer, the traffic map showed many roads coloured red and black, no mention of any problems on the buses, even though routes that were supposed to run every 8 minutes had gaps of over 40 minutes.
I was starting to get bus stop M withdrawal symptoms...
I hate phrases like 'please use the next available stop', round the sticks, the place you visited one Saturday a few weeks ago, the equivalent when a road is closed is 'please find another route' which actually means there is no obvious diversion, you and your satnav are on your own. Do we care?
There is also zero information on the Buses real time feed about these works affecting route 25 or the 205. Given the earlier reference to the traffic order dates I'd expect something to be there for tonight's works. Also zilch on the relevant TfL twitter feed for last night.

I have been moaning for months about the lack of consistent and timely info, about both planned and unplanned events affecting bus services, on forums which I know TfL read and nothing has changed. It's not as if TfL *don't* know - of course they do. They just can't or won't marshall their systems, data and people to work in a seamless fashion. Heavens know why!
It's not any excuse for "Please use the next available stop", but I think there is something to be said for "Road X closed between Y and Z, please find another route". Too often signposted diversions make incorrect assumptions about where you are coming from or going to, or what exactly your means of transport is (e.g. truck, car, cycle or foot).
I've been riveted by the Bus Stop M saga since the start, it's just the sort of DG blog that I love, you wouldn't get that anywhere else.

I am even more excited now that my boyfriend is about to move into a flat that is about 100m away from Bus Stop M and I can follow the saga even more closely in future (plus I will be taking a close interest in anyone I see taking photos of it...)
As Julian says, it's worse out in the sticks. Route 331 through Denham is about to suffer evening diversions, and unless Tfl follow a different approach from last time, we face finding a helpful notice telling us to use a stop 2 miles away.
I have been and am very interested to follow the account of the cycleway works and inconvenience caused for everyone. Clearly 'please use next available stop' is a cop-out because it's in the 'too difficult' pile for someone and THEY are the ones not interested!

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