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If Darwin was a tree or a tortoise there would be a very good chance of him getting to 100. Maybe the answer is to move about less?

Indeed, as Debster suggests, although then he probably wouldn't have written anything at all...."The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long" (Not that I'm suggesting that Darwin was a replicant).

I took my kids to Down a couple of years ago, and we were all surprised at how personal and evocative it was. They were pleased to have the opportunity to stand on his tennis court and meet the flora in the greenhouse! It was a pity that Biggin Hill failed to add to the atmosphere...

I was married in downe church about 300 yards away and lived in the village for some time, but as tends to happen never got to visit this gem on the doorstep.

Did you see any reference to Alfred Wallace in the house?Probably his problem was living such a long way from the big city

This was once on the 146 route, worked by RT buses well into the late-1970s and a wonderful step back in time.

Hooray! Happy birthday Darwin and thanks for all the truth :D

@Bowroaduk. Yes. I believe that the 146 stayed crew-operated for so long because the conductor was needed to assist turning the bus around at Downe. This involved a tight turn around the tree in the middle of the road. Even more incredibly at the George, Hayes, was what must have been one of the last LT timing clocks where the conductor had to get off the bus and have his waybill stamped by the machine to prove the bus was there at that time.

When I was last there - a couple of years ago, in summertime - I had the surprise of seeing a group of German tourists picking things - some red, some black - from a large tree (near where you go out into the garden area), and stuffing them in their mouths.
I was sufficiently concerned for their health that I went back inside to ask if what they were doing was safe. It was there that I was informed the tree was a mulberry tree, and the fruits were perfectly edible.
Having tried them for myself, I'm happy to confirm that they are indeed wondrously sweet and eminently palatable.

I remember the very last RT-operated journey north from Downe. What must normally have run almost empty was packed full, much to the chargrin of patrons emerging from the 'Fox' pub in Keston and who were left behind and effectively stranded.

Charles Darwin was a bit of a genius, wasn't he? Mind you, he also took a big risk in trying to go against the grain of creationism. As all the published copies of the book sold quickly, however, his gamble seems to have paid off.

I see Google have got out one of their special logos to celebrate Darwin's 200th birthday.

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