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There aren't now many bus routes remaining that go across central London and out the other side (apart from the 168, only the 19, 21, 36, 88 and 148 spring to mind), so the new 1 will be a substantial anomaly - congratulatons to TfL.
Hadn't realised this change was happening, as I only occasionally used the 168, using it to connect with the 268, an attractive numerical sequence ruined by the change to 1 LOL.
The developers of New Bermondsey mooted the idea of a 168 extension to Surrey Canal Overground Station in their planning docs. I wonder what bus route could go there instead. They have to provide some additional transport when (if) the development gets underway.

But this is a reasonable change, which will encourage me to go into the office more often. Unless the "recovery time" extends journey times too much.
Another beautifully observed description of a varied slice of London, inspired by a route change, but going well beyond that in narrative range.
Props to TfL for once again including a map -- the one from the consultation it seems. Overcomplicated when all you need is a few words telling people to take the 1 instead for most of the route, the 188 if they want TCR and the numerous other routes for Old Kent Road but it's a better attempt than previously.

A key advantage for passengers who will be switching to the 1 is that they'll no longer be riding on the roasting Boris Buses in summer.
I can remember the original 168 - one of the first tram replacement routes, which ran along the Embankment. Withdrawn in 1981
I remember when Grey Green ran the route with decidedly non red buses. Sometimes you got something green and cream saying Ipswich Corporation!
Masters Superfish really is very good... you get free prawns, gherkins and pickled onions while you wait (table service, not takeaway)...
Not only has the Budgens' in Belsize park has gone premium it has gone quite high tech as well--fancy digital displays on shelves and whatnot.
I remember the 168 originally ran from Clapham Junction.
The 168 - joining the list of routes which were operated by Boris Johnson's New Routemaster, only to disappear into oblivion. Routes 10 and 48 precede it.

Those fancy new buses were meant to be just what passengers wanted (if we believed the hype). If so, why are buses are carrying fewer people than they were, resulting in routes being cut?
I remember another bus ending in 8, I rode it with my Red Rover, I had branston in my sandwiches.
Of course this isn't the first time that a Route 1 has terminated at South End Green.

The LCC's tram route 1 ran from Tottenham Court Road (Euston Road) to Hampstead (South End Green) from 1913 until 1933, latterly only at Whitsun and August Bank holidays.

The creation of London Transport saw its demise.

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