please empty your brain below

Did you pay the enetrance fee for Chawton Hose with a £10 note?
The dining room picture has an interesting architectural feature; a beam supported by a window. It wouldn't comply with building regulations but has probably survived quite a long time.
As a MWLT, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post. Of course I could be wrong...

I also like Jane Austen, and the extraordinary endowments of her mind, but am somewhat less keen on literary pilgrimaging. Still, an engaging account.
The number 38 Alton-Petersfield bus stops outside Jane Austen's House but there are only three buses a day Monday-Friday.
One of my favourite moments in the Adrian Mole novels concerns Adrian losing his job as a librarian for moving Austen's output from 'Classics' to 'Romantic Fiction'. (The Chief Librarian's MA was on JA). Personally, I'm with Master Mole on that one.

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