please empty your brain below

I wonder how much public money was pissed away on consultants and project managers whilst creating these completely unecessary white elephants.
Wole: These things do have a purpose - they give the illusion of a thriving community to inflate the prices of the flats being sold nearby.

The same reason they are selling the blocks now while they still have a view of the park, before building the next block that destroys the view.

The whole LLDC was a brilliantly conceived scheme to maximise profit for a few property developers (exactly who, I haven't discovered yet.)
With the clean sheet they had - the whole area could have looked as nice as Hampstead....
The idea of 'if you build expensive shops, people will come' seems to underpin quite a lot of recent development. Coal Drops Yard anyone?
As a tourist who has visited London three times and I am familiar with Hackney Wick as that is where a friend lived, I wonder what the attraction is or where is Bicester Village. I could Google it of course.
If you dont fancy Bicester Village there's always Braintree Freeport.
Walked past Hackney Bridge on last week's walk. Loads of building sites blocking what used to be an excellent view of the Olympic Park. Thanks DG for telling us what it is all about.
Both places appera to have been based on false assumptions and a focus solely on the economy.
But why does a reader pick out consultants and project managers as the waste of money? What about directors and planning offficers - equally as vague terms?
And yes, I’m a consultant, and I work hard to contribute to the design of places that really work for locals and visitors.
Some local news coverage on Hackney Bridge, which appears to be more about drinking than the developers had maybe originally claimed:

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