please empty your brain below

I hope this is not what I think it might be. Wishing you well and trust there is a positive outcome.

dg writes: It's all fine, don't worry.
This does not sound good. The personal part about you. It sounds medical.

dg writes: It's all fine, don't worry.
Suspicion something was awry, from 2 days ago: “Another spur of another Green Chain section connects here, but that's for completists only.”

dg writes: It's all fine, don't worry.
Wish you well DG.

dg writes: It's all fine, don't worry.
Hope all is well DG

dg writes: It's all fine, don't worry.
My best wishes to you.

dg writes: It's all fine, don't worry.
It's all fine, don't worry.
I'm not worrying. It's all fine.
Something tells me that it's all fine, and we're not to worry. Nevertheless, best wishes.

dg writes: It's all fine, don't worry.
Oh, dear. And it can't be your job this time. Well, I'm hoping for the best.

dg writes: It's all fine, don't worry.
If not health, all else pales.

Something to do with the block in which you live would be my guess.

dg writes: It's all fine, don't worry.
Reading this with a growing sense of dread, but 'It's all fine, don't worry' sounds like you'll still be around when Crossrail opens.

dg writes: It's all fine, don't worry.
You commentators are a load of pessimists. Perhaps it's more along the lines of the example starting 'They're nice'...

Hope so anyway dg :-)
You're going to get a cat!
Will it have a knock-on effect for the Mystery Count next February?
Not sure why most seem to think that the instability in question is some sort of misfortune. Maybe DG has just been offered a new job?
Repositioning of Bus Stop M?

dg writes: It's all fine, don't worry.
I hope it really is fine but I am worried.

dg writes: It's all fine, don't worry.
New job?
Despite being an avowed pessimist, my guess is also that DG has a new job - and as it's all fine, I'm not going to worry!
When in doubt or jeopardy, "It's all fine, don't worry" is what many of us say...
If it is a new job, hope it will allow enough time for blog-worthy trips to keep us entertained in the manner we have become accustomed to - we have perhaps been fed too richly in the past and need to lower our expectations of something posted every day!?
DG your page is always the best and a return to sanity.
My best wishes

dg writes: It's all fine, don't worry.
I am glad to hear it is all fine, but we will of course worry anyway, as that is the nature of life and entropy, and "it is how things are" does not seem to necessarily imply something good. Perhaps we are wrong. Everything is for the best, in this best of all possible worlds?
Replace the word 'Stage' with 'Close Encounters' and it all begins to make sense.

Bow Road has replaced Area 51 and Devils Tower, Wyoming, as the contact place of choice. An interstellar beacon (cunningly disguised as a London bus stop surmounted by the letter M) is guiding them in from the far reaches of the galaxy.

Russian scientists (cunningly disguised as tourists who simply want to visit Salisbury Cathedral) have been to investigate.

DG is preparing himself for the greatest adventure of his life.
I'm reminded of the 'Keep calm and carry on' poster. There's a lot to be said for stoicism. PMA and all that.

Nonetheless, whatever it is - look after yourself old chap; not that you'd omit to do that of course but you know what I mean.
I reckon DG will either tell us more in due course, or perhaps not.
Some possible scenarios

DG went on a date last month, things have progressed faster than expected, his partner proposed after drinking a DG cup of tea, wedding date is uncertain but no later than 2023 and then its married life thereafter.

As a joke DG applied for the post of Brexit Secretary having guessed Dominic Raaaaaaab would not last long and was shortlisted at interview stage. He is now on call for when Stephen Barclay resigns or gets fired which could happen at any minute or be delayed until after the 2022 general election.

DG has blown his life savings on buying a ticket on Virgin Galatic spaceship 2 - take off date is unknown but 2023 is a distinct possibility

DG has discovered a long lost relative is Irish and applied a month ago for an Irish passport which the Royal Mail delivered shortly after he had finished a cup of tea. He is now planning on emigrating and cant decide when to go - possibly not until Crossrail opens sometime in 2023.
Oh no :(

dg writes: It's all fine, don't worry.
Stage 4 has not materialised,
Stage 5 will be in the 2020s.

So that's good.

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