please empty your brain below

Has the Night Dangleway been delayed for another year?
Night tram but no night District line? Crazy! NO FAIR!
Good to see Tooting the owl joining in the annual fun.
Very good. You missed the start of DLR at Night. That'll be Absolutely Fabulous.
"When Crossrail finally opens"... good one.
You’ve outshone yourself. Happy new month to you.
"Crossrail...opening next month" Good 1st April post!
Crossrail is a tube line (lower-case, method of construction) but not a Tube line (upper-case, brand of London Underground Ltd)

Still nothing in SW suburbia - a Daytime Tube would be a start.
While it's not a Tube line, the section between Abbey Wood and Paddington is entirely new build, all in fairly central London and nearly all in tunnel, so is less jarring as a "Night Tube" than the long sections on the surface to Shenfield and Reading, way out of London on National Rail tracks, would have been.
Good one!
I can’t believe it’s the first of April already.
All right, you got me. Completely taken in on first reading.

But I realised before 12 noon so I will count it as a draw
Only after completing the cable car's paragraph that I realized the purpose of this blog post.
The owl graphic was a particularly nice touch, bravo! 😁
I was an April Fool until the paragraph about the dangleway.

I’m pretty sure when I was working on Crossrail the intention internally was for it to be 24 hour from Paddington - Abbey Wood.
One of your best :)

The graphics were very convincing.

My money is still on Maj not being alive to see the eventual opening...
Great job. You certainly gave me a chuckle reading this.
I have been pondering this all day, and I really *want* it to be true. Ah well
Sorry, it's all fictional (apart from the potential Crossrail opening date which might just be true).
Well you totally got me!!
In fact I came back today to see if I could get a definite resolution!! :D
N1 night bus is only half hourly at present anyway.

469 onward from Abbey Wood is to be diverted from Lower Belvedere to cover Upper Belvedere from Saturday 14th May.

229 will still serve Lower Belvedere, but at present the last bus is at just after midnight.

Southeastern might run a half hourly service from Abbey Wood, but that will only be until 1:15 a.m.

As Belvedere has NO night bus service, it means a long walk home from Abbey Wood.

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