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Quite an amazing achievement. DG, your dedication to your blog under the most trying (Echo) and difficult of circumstances is something to behold.

Hear, hear, with thanks from me to Kirk for keeping DG the way we like it. Nice one.

Fantastic! I'm glad you've managed to keep all of the archived comments as well, as they make for some quite fascinating reading. Well done! :-)

Now all you have to do is sell the new comments code to other bloggers ...

Just seen the news, DG. Thinking of you. Over twenty years now since I saw my Mum in the flesh, but she is still there, and it isn't long before the good memories match the sadness. Be strong with the family, and lock yourself away for ten minutes a day to let it go. Our best wishes to you.

Cosmic Kirk

Thank you for not changing your blog - it´s a haven of stability in this quickly changing world.

Wishing you strength and good health to keep going in this difficult time.

You're most welcome re the comment and I'm glad that, in this small way, you and your family felt the support, which continues.

How kind of Kirk to build the new system! That's some tenacious work, I'm really impressed. Long live Tridentscan indeed.

Well done DG & Kirk, it's great that you kept the comment box the way it was.

Yay for things remaining familiar!!

I'd noticed the lack of number of posts and the preview button, and also my name not being there (eventually!), but thought little of it. Didn't realise you were both working feverously behind the scenes! Thanks guys. :)

Yes I didn't realise at first that my name had disappeared, so my first comment was anonymous - still it's the thought that counts.

Much appreciated Kirk - what a star!

Three cheers for Kirk!

Applause all round.

Thanks for all your nice comments - as DG said hopefully everything will be back to normal by the end of the weekend.

I couldn't let JS-Kit and co get away with having their rather awful system as the only one about - it seemed unfair. And as DG and I looked for a replacement it became more and more apparent that... there wasn't one - definitely not one that would easily allow the archive to be imported.

Hence Tridentscan was born...

Anyhow, back to work!

I'm always suprized at the programmers who fail to see the beauty in simplicity. I'm glad that you found this truly elegant solution. Great job DG and Kirk.

Sorry about the spelling it's late here.

Well done Kirk! And I hope that you are travelling OK DG. You are still in my thoughts.

Here's hoping you and your family are bearing up ok, dg.

And Kirk - great job: Tridentscan is superb, I want it! I've emailed you. :)

Doh! Forgot to add my name again!!

Double Doh! I just added to to the wrong day now!

Very well done Kirk.
One huge advantage for me is that the comment section is no longer blocked at work by our internet policy via WebSense, so I can see and comment from work for once.

Don't forget to remove the 'Comments by Haloscan' logo and link at the bottom of the blog!

It would be jolly nice if the comment box processed line breaks and paragraph breaks into HTML (eg using what in PHP would be an nl2br() call). Even a short comment benefits from proper paragraphing. Alternatively, if the code passes hand-coded HTML I don't mind inserting my paragraph, italic and bold tags.

I'm already nostalgic for the Haloscan commenting, although I've crossed the bridge onto Echo (it does work and can be simplified to get rid of the youtube embedding and bouncing smileys).

Kirk's tridentscan is very good. Like the commenter above remarks, the modest change would be to add back some basic formatting to create line breaks.

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